I'm Nickhole Arcade, resident artist and owner of Waterproof Black Inc. Tattooing and Other Magic. I am a tattoo artist, permanent makeup artist, as well as reiki energy master and shaman-in-training. 

 I also perform on stage in artistic ways, sometimes with my other babely burlesque friends.  I'll post upcoming shows on my instagram @waterproofblack stay tuned!

I'm a wealth of information on my own, but know this: The universe has chosen to work with me and NOW I am even more delighted at the results we are able to achieve together, as I have access to even more information than before.   This often comes in the form of helpful sidenotes gifted seemingly from thin air in regards to your project wishes, needs as a human, or insight into your wellness. 

I have created a space to receive the sacred healing arts and self-care we all deserve. I invite you to spend time with us within the walls of this sacred space.  CLICK HERE To be redirected and make an appointment with Nickhole

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