Waterproof Black offers wearable art and altars for all bodies.

 Artistic Tattooing, Permanent and Semi-Permanent Cosmetics, 

and Private Makeup application in a Boutique setting 

We have always offered tattooing and have recently added even more personal services to bring you the best of everything. What we offer is something more elegant, sterile, and longer-lasting than the current trend of "microblading".  Artistic permanent tattooing done by artists trained in both makeup, special application AND tattooing.  

For every tattoo and personal service purchased, an equal service is donated to the community. We donate to support and empower people surviving: Domestic Violence, cancer, chemotherapy, trichotillomania (compulsive hair-pulling disorder), PTSD , and gang life.  Thank you for helping me with covering gang tattoos for people transitioning from Thurston County Correction Facilities into the workforce and returning to their own daily lives outside of a gang or jail.

We truly appreciate your support, thank you for choosing to work with us and help our community heal together.

Visit  nickholearcade.com for more information